Banana-Walnut Bread

This is a handy recipe to learn because it is very simple to prepare – you will need about 10 minutes to get everything ready and another 5 minutes to weigh and put the ingredients together. This is one reason I love quick breads!

The idea of a quick bread is simple – no yeast is used in the recipe. Instead, baking powder (and often baking soda) along with steam, creates the leavening. They use the ‘muffin method’ (a professional and technical term), which means you measure the dry ingredients and all the wet ingredients separately. The wet ingredients are then folded into the dry ingredients and voila – bread batter is finished.

Quick breads can be either sweet or savory and placed in a loaf pan or muffin tins.

The combination of bananas and walnuts creates one classic version of a quick bread – and it is delicious (especially with an espresso). My version is completely plant-based and can be made into a gluten-free version by replacing the wheat flour with your favorite gluten-free mixture.

Yield: One 24-cm (about 10-inch) loaf pan

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