Chickpea and Tahini Blondies

I was inspired to make this recipe because: a) I love the combined flavors of chickpeas and tahini (think hummus here), b) I love the taste of sweetened tahini with a pinch of salt (sort of like salted peanut butter) and c) I have a serious sweet tooth.

Blondies are the given name for brownies made without the chocolate…and I’m not sure who is responsible for the name. They should have that smooth top that defines the work of a master brownie maker and a nice chewy interior.

I think the key to making a successful batch of these blondies is the use of a soft American-style brown sugar…a type of sugar easily made by combining fine castor sugar with molasses. This unique flavor blends well with the bitter overtones of the chickpea and tahini to create a mouthwatering balance that is…well, addictive.

Yield: makes about 15 squares that are 5-cm (2-inches)

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