Classic (Vegan) Blueberry Muffins

Warm freshly made blueberry muffins oozing their flavorful purple juices are one of my favorite late summer treats. I have fond memories of enjoying big muffins filled with very plump Oregon blueberries, and it is a memory that returns to me each year!

The lure of tasting these muffins at the peak of blueberry season is irresistible, so I knew I had to develop a vegan version.

Making a perfectly light muffin requires a light hand. You want to avoid overmixing the dough for starters, because this will create too much gluten and make a dense muffin. Another useful tip is to avoid pushing the batter into the muffin containers – just let the batter fall off the spoon and into the tin. Sure, this will create an uneven top, but who cares when the muffin texture inside is perfectly light and melts in your mouth?

You can substitute other berries to make variations to this recipe, but I always seem to find my way back to blueberries!

Yield: makes 12 large muffins

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