Deep Dish Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb has a flavor somewhere between apples and cherries, which is where I found inspiration to create my own version of rhubarb pie.

I generally avoid spending endless hours scouring the net looking for ideas, inspiration or recipes. Books still seem a better option when I need to research anything food-related, but I do enjoy following several food blogs…and I have noticed a developing theme this spring – rhubarb is in!

So why write about something that is already getting enough attention in the internet food world?

Well…I’ve always enjoyed rhubarb, but it’s been more of an acquaintance to me rather than a true culinary friend. So now I’m taking another look…and I like what I see.

Rhubarb spends most of its time masquerading as a fruit. Strangely, I like that. Rhubarb brings out the best qualities in other foods. It puts forth a healthy dose of acidity, which of course provides balance to anything sweet. The acids also help carry aromas through the food – like a seasoning. I think this is one reason so many people like to match rhubarb with strawberries during the spring. Unripen strawberries are just bland tasting with undeveloped aromas and weak acids. But, add a bit of rhubarb and suddenly the flavor is transformed into something resembling good. I like that too. Rhubarb is very seasonal – it’s around for about two months, then quietly fades away as true fruits begin to emerge. Again, I like that. Rhubarb is not fussy. It is abundant, easy to clean, easy to prepare, easy to grow and quite inexpensive. All traits I really like. But what I mostly like about rhubarb is its flavor, which I think is somewhere between a juicy apple and a tangy cherry…and this thought eventually led me to develop my own version of rhubarb pie. So let’s get cooking…  Yield: makes enough to fill one 20-cm pie

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