Fig and Walnut Tart

Making this tart is an excellent place to begin if you’ve never made a free form style tart (some refer to this style of pie making as a galette). The dough is a bit tricky at first because getting the right consistency depends so much on the flour you are using and if you are making it by hand or with a machine. But once you get the feel and right consistency, the dough can be used in many ways to produce almost endless varieties of sweet or savory pies.

I love using late summer figs in tarts – just make sure they are a bit on the firm side for baking…and it doesn’t matter if you use green or purple figs. I chose walnuts in this recipe because I like the way they interact with the flavor of the fig – real sweet meets slightly bitter. Feel free to experiment with other nuts like almonds or hazelnuts or make a unique mixture to suit your needs.

Rosemary works very well in small amounts in sweet dishes with fruits. In addition to figs, try using a bit with apricots, apples or pears. Other fresh herbs can also be used…thyme is a nice addition to fruits.

Yield: about 8-10 servings (30-cm or 12-inches)

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