Pecan Coffee Cake

I have warm memories of eating coffee cake as a child.  It was full of flavor and naturally, also very sweet.  I suspect that cake would be far too sweet for my liking now, so I developed this recipe to reduce the overall sugar impact.

I elected to use a natural cane sugar (called sucanat) to create a light caramelized flavor to match the cinnamon and vanilla. It is a heavenly match…and there are sugar options like muscovado or date sugar that will create a similar flavor if you can’t locate sucanat in your local health food store.

The addition of slightly whipped aquafaba (the liquid from canned chickpeas) with the wet ingredients creates a much lighter cake crumble. It’s also a great time to experiment with aquafaba if this technique is new to you.

I don’t think this cake needs any sauce or frosting. It is absolutely delicious in its natural form, enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee or tea on a cool afternoon. It will warm your soul…trust me!

Yield:  makes enough for 9-12 servings

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