Pita Chips with Za’atar

I ate a lot of chips (that would be crisps to the UK English-speaking crowd) growing up. I guess I enjoyed that snappy texture and the salt hit from the many different types I ate…although I must say I was quite partial to simple potato chips!

I still enjoy that sensation, but these days I avoid those unhealthy store-bought chips. I guess the flavor and salt craving doesn’t compensate enough to continue eating unhealthy chips loaded with oxidized fats and an abundance of salt I don’t need.

But then there are these pita chips…

Ok, I admit they are also not necessarily something to eat on a daily basis, but as an occasional snack or as a vessel to scoop up some tasty dips… Well, these are quite good and much better than anything store-bought. Try them with Hummus, Byesar, Babaganoush or Muhammara.

Yield: about 50 pieces

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