Pizza Sauce (Marinara Sauce)

Pizza sauce is mostly called marinara sauce in most of the world. It is the classic tomato, onion, garlic and herb recipe used to coat most pizza.

I think a good pizza sauce should be slightly chunky…but only slightly! It should spread on the pizza easily and carry a lot of flavor. The sauce will make all the difference in the world between an average pizza and a great pizza.

Marinara sauce in Italy is nearly always plant-based, but it does pay to ask just in case some anchovies found their way into the sauce. In many other countries, butter is often used in the sauce to lend a certain richness. I find this practice horrific, but who am I to question this practice. Again, it pays to ask if you are in a pizzeria…better yet, why not make your own pizza? And that will begin with a tasty sauce.

Ours is slightly sweet, with an intense tomato flavor. The onions and garlic play a supportive rule along with the oregano. But this sauce should be all about the tomatoes!

I like to prepare a double batch of this sauce and can whatever I don’t use. It will also make a great base for a pasta dish!

Yield: makes about 1-liter (about 1-quart)

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