Swiss Capuns…a Vegan Variation

I’m not sure when I first encountered Swiss capuns. But I would guess it was somewhere in the Alps on the eastern part of Switzerland, because that is where this delicious recipe originates.

The original recipe (or more or less original, as some have said there are well over 130 different Swiss versions) makes use of the common alpine food available to peasant farmers: flour, milk, cheese, smoked meat, basic vegetables and large collard greens or chard leaves. The interior is basically a dumpling with chopped pieces of meat and vegetables. This mixture is rolled within lightly blanched green leaves, then braised for about 15-20 minutes to cook the dumpling. Perfect mountain food that is often made while family and friends sit around a table and have a drink or two.

My vegan variation is simple. The dough inside combines flour, starch, chickpea flour, soy milk and a bit of aquafaba to help bind everything. I combine some simple vegetables with a nice selection of mixed herbs to fold into the dough and that’s pretty much it. Once the dough is made, it is really only a matter of filling the softened leaves and finish cooking them in the oven. Twenty minutes later, the capuns are finished and a delicious meal awaits…probably with a bit of steamed potatoes and a glass or two of white wine.

Yield: makes about 24 capuns

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