Asparagus and Leek Quiche

Teaching people how to make a proper quiche was always one of the most popular techniques I taught during our 15+ years running a cooking school. So with this in mind…and because I love a good quiche, I ventured out into the unknown and began attempting a vegan version several months ago. It turns out that making a vegan quiche is by no means an easy task.

I think an excellent quiche needs to have a crust that is crumbly (and for me, no margarine, coconut fat or other unhealthy fats). The quiche’s interior must be a soft custard-like texture…just enough to hold all the vegetables together. So, with this in mind and after numerous attempts using different techniques, I have finally come damn close to perfection with this seasonal asparagus-leek quiche.

You can make this quiche in stages. The pie dough can be made and blind baked up to one day in advance. The vegetables can be cooked one day in advance. The custard mixture can also be made one day in advance. So, with some planning, this is actually a simple recipe to make…despite the numerous steps I outlined.

Yield: makes one 20-cm (8-inch) deep quiche

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