Chickpea Pancakes

I first came across this recipe from my favorite vegetarian/vegan cooks, Peter Berley. The idea of using basic hummus ingredients to create something totally different was intriguing to me and I couldn’t wait to try out the recipe.

I replaced the yogurt used in the original recipe with soy yogurt, which I find works very well as a non-dairy replacement for most recipes. I replaced the eggs in the original recipe by combining some egg replacer with a small amount of oil, water and the soy yogurt. I then whipped some aquafaba until it was sort of at the soft peak stage and folded this into the egg replacement mixture.

I am happy with the results…especially when draped with a spicy tahini sauce. It is a dish that will magically transport you to the heart of the middle east.

See tips below to make this recipe gluten-free and oil-free.

Yield: makes about 4-6 starter size servings

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