Lemon Risotto, Asparagus and Wild Garlic

I usually keep risotto off the menu during warm weather because it can feel heavy, even though I also think it’s extraordinarily satisfying when the temperatures outside are cool.
But I do make exceptions.
Adding a decent pop of lemon to a risotto preparation lightens the load considerably – at least in terms of taste. The increased acid cuts through the fats and carbohydrates that linger in the mouth and create a clean and light sensation. This makes it possible to enjoy risotto when the weather turns warm, but I would still make sure the serving size is relatively small because the carbohydrates are still present – and your digestive system will begin reminding you of that fact about 20 minutes later.

One version I enjoy making (and eating) during the spring combines lemon risotto with asparagus and wild garlic. I think it captures everything about spring – and tastes fantastic!

Yield: makes about 4-6 servings

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