Provencal Artichokes and Potatoes

This is a veganized version of a popular recipe I used to demonstrate during our cooking courses in the late winter and early spring. It is a completely satisfying and rich tasting dish that can be served alone or accompanied by something else.

The original version was all made in a large frying pan. Potato and artichoke slices were slowly cooked in duck fat over medium-low heat to fully cook through and eventually caramelize. It was all served with slices of cured duck breast. Delicious in its day…but not so appealing to me now.

This newer version is made in the oven and in a large frying pan. Most of the cooking occurs in the oven to intensify the rich flavors. I added whole garlic cloves to the mix to allow the garlic’s fructose to simply do its thing and add a delightful sweetness. The dish is finished together in a large pan to bring all the flavors together and allow the olives to gently heat through.

This is richly flavored food that will please any serious Provence ‘foodie’ fan.

Yield: makes about 4-6 servings

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