Rhubarb Custard Pie

Rhubarb and vanilla-scented custard. There are not many spring flavor combinations better than this glorious marriage.

The acidic apple-cherry like flavor of rhubarb explodes with just the right amount of sweetness added to the mix. Combine that with a velvety smooth, mouth-coating custard and eating goes to a whole new level of enjoyment. Now imagine that mixture sitting on top of a crispy, light and flaky dough and…well if you’re like me…that’s enough to buckle the knees.

And now, this entire package is vegan!

I started working on developing a convincing vegan custard recipe several months ago. I tried a number of different methods – most of which failed miserably. But I persisted…and tinkered…and kept experimenting until I reached a method that convinced my skeptical wife.

This recipe presents the result!

Yield: makes 2 20-cm (9-inch) pies or one 26-cm (12-inch) pie

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