Sfincione is loosely translated into sponge…which is exactly what it does when soaking up the delicious topping ingredients.

The original Sicilian version uses a thick and spongy dough – similar in many respects to focaccia. It is traditionally topped with a zesty tomato sauce, tons of dried oregano, breadcrumbs and often some grated Sicilian caciocavallo cheese. Some Palermo bakers also like to include a bit of dried anchovies to lend a certain saltiness to the bread.

This square thick pizza bread eventually made it’s way to New York, where it was turned into the classic New York-style pizza – a thick spongy base, baked square and topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Our vegan version is made with a delicious zesty tomato sauce, chopped capers, a bit of nutritional yeast, tons of dried oregano and breadcrumbs, which give this bread a nice crunchy top! We also elected to use our focaccia bread dough instead of the more traditional pizza dough – an improvement in my opinion!

Yield: Makes about 6-8 servings

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