Kala Namak

This special salt is valuable in the vegan kitchen because it smells and tastes a lot like eggs (try it in a tofu scramble or Swiss omelette).

“Black salt” of India, which is predominantly deep purple with specks of pink, is made from ordinary rock salt that is mixed with unrefined minerals from lava containing sulfurous aromas. This popular black salt is used extensively throughout India, Pakistan and other Asian countries that emphasize Ayurveda cooking. The healing properties are said to come from the mixture of magnesium, iron, sulfides and sulfates, which also contribute to the aroma and flavor.

When first opened, the jar of salt will emit a strong odor and it will be easily recognizable. The smell quickly dissipates but re-emerges once it is heated while cooking. Strangely, the aroma never lasts long – just enough to remind you of eggs.

You can easily find a jar in well-stocked stores catering to Indian or Pakistani food, online or in a store specializing in vegan food. Using this salt in various dishes adds an interesting aroma and creates something exciting in the food. It is well worth having a jar in your pantry.


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